Just In Case OCD

Hmmm, Just In Case OCD,
Seems like it should be a type,

Similar to Just Right OCD,
But to me it’s even more destructive,
Because at least Just Right refers to something relatively tangible, in my caseβ€”

Symmetry of blinking between left eye and right,
Aligning some object perfectly in relation to another,
Maintaining my own body’s yaw angle with respect to the room I am in
(The idea that turning in one direction whilst crossing the room to do something,
β€”such as a ‘Just In Case’ compulsionβ€”
requires a corresponding number of rotations in the opposite direction before going back);

Just In Case OCD can start from a Just Right OCD compulsion,
Where even though I am happy that it is indeed Just Right now,
The panic begins with the immediate paranoia that it might not be Just Right at some point shortly in the future,
And therefore I should repeat the compulsion one more time to be sure;

Just Right OCD sometimes has an end,
Whereas Just In Case OCD, once begun,
Truly never has an end,
It really doesn’t.

(50 credits): Using no more than 1,000 words, write an essay in response to the below question:

Question: To what extent can ‘Yaw Angle Maintenance’ be said to be a legitimate human anxiety in the prevailing socio-technological climate in the 21st century?

Answer: I dunno mate but I’ll give it to you straight in two words (actually 17): fuck all.


10 thoughts on “Just In Case OCD

      1. It is. It’s been going on for about a year and a few times reached a critical point where I was able to force myself to rest and snap out of it for a bit. I’ve recently made more (and lasting) progress with itβ€” up to 10 days or so, but relapsed. It’s frustrating because I’d only trust the details of it with a good OCD specialist which I trusted. But that’s not going to be a possibility, so there’s no real value in me talking about it. If anything it just makes me more stressed because there’s no way for others to be helpful. I just have to keep working at it by myself. The good thing is my knees do seem to recover quickly when I stop doing it, and I keep trying to overcome it.


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