“Ohh we’ve got flats
We’ll get him in one!”

Did you mention it has to be ground floor?

“I’ll let them know”,

Offered a viewing
‘Ground floor’ flat
Looked it up on streetview
Entryway all full of steps
Looked to my right
Metres away
The busy dual carriageway πŸ˜‚,

Nope, sorry,
I’m too disabled for that;

“You’ve got your viewing today!
Are you excited?”,

Nope, had to refuse it
Too many steps,

“Ohh? You can’t manage…?”

Nope, said this before…
Has to be no steps
Has to be ground floor with no steps
Proper ground floor;

Not disabled enough for PIP
Too disabled for a ground floor flat πŸ˜‚;



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