Neighbour From Hell

Like the supermarket trolleys lining the ditches of slip roads into concrete jungles
Or Audis and BMWs scattered down mountainsides of the Scottish Highlands
Karma for the presumptuousness of personal satisfaction
And over-confidence in oneself

All roads lead to pain and ruin
And a flat tyre along the way
Even if you’re driving a ten-year-old Skoda
Living a perfect, modest moral coda;

I took out a restraining order on the basted
Got it slapped with an ASBO
Even put onto the sex offenders register
Its home now routinely egged by the local yobbos
And I had hoped that would make a difference
Shut up the OCD
Always there, in the edges of vision, no matter what I do
Crouching among the broken bramble bushes of pessimistic playgrounds
In-between the dogshit bins
Like the resident village paedo
Waiting for nightfall.



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