Could It Be Progress?

Oh my god, Sarah from Salvation Army just came round saying she had good news. I’d been waiting too expectantly on the letter from the court (to decide my 1-bed housing fate) which hadn’t arrived, so I was intrigued. She’d spoken to another person at the council who has decided that since my birthday is coming up soon and they have 1 bed places available that they’ll be able to put me in one, no problem.

She forgot to mention it has to be ground floor though so I’ve asked her to go back to mention that. As ever, this greatly limits my options.

But that’s quite stupendously coincidental timing considering that the PIP application is finally reaching its conclusion. I could be denied that but end up with my own place anyway. The council will be getting in touch with me to discuss it (supposedly).

So in principle, this is quite amazing. Yet I’m fully prepared for some drawback because one person’s “No problem” is another person’s “It’s against the rules”. I am always against the rules.


14 thoughts on “Could It Be Progress?

    1. An elevator would physically work too yeah, I’m just not used to that option being available in the UK usually, as most multi-floor places are 3-4 floors and have stairs, as they are old buildings. Blocks of flats big and modern enough to have elevators are usually high-end ones lived in by ‘professionals’. But cheap ones do also exist, I guess I’m not used to them ever being an option when I rented (I mostly rented in Scotland and it’s even more the case there).

      I’d still prefer not to have one though as when struggling with mood/motivation, any additional barrier to getting out is not good. But then it would also be quieter being further form the road :).


    1. It should be, but unfortunately I don’t trust anything that any one person at the council says anymore! For instance, they might come back having realised that I also haven’t lived in the area for 3 years, which is another requirement for your own place, and then say they therefore can’t do it after all. I am far too jaded to get excited yet! πŸ˜πŸ€žπŸ’™

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