Sensory Cues

I don’t see an idealised version of the environment around me,
I see, hear, smell, feel,
All of the imperfections and disjointedness,
Which distinguish it from a smoothly-flowing, remote location in the outdoors,
Where everything is logical and has a place;

Nobody ever desired to breathe in the heated up glossy paint off the surface of a radiator,
Or to see impermeable straight edges mixed with pockets of organic matter,
Or to hear the jarring roars of vehicles flashing by,
Or to feel the dryness of the air from a heated tarmac surroundings,

It’s equally disturbing to see a discarded facemask in the ocean,
Such an illogical, jarring, wrong combination;

At least there’s antidepressants.


3 thoughts on “Sensory Cues

  1. I used to be quite sensitive to smells but after I had covid last year, my sense of smell did not return very strongly (I have taste). I’m not sad because the overwhelming majority of the smells I smelled were bad. I am however SUPER sensitive to sounds, especially ones emanating from other people.


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