Twelve Parties

Or ten or thirteen depending on who’s counting; Stop the count!
Stop the cunt;

But…but wouldn’t they all have to resign!?

As they should,
And should have done years ago,
For the multitudes of examples of exactly the same thing,

So don’t be fooled, there’s nothing remarkable,
It is, however, more visible,
And fun to see them squirm,
(Though also genuinely terrifying),

But when it’s tens of ’em all equally guilty of the same thing,
Caught in an inextricable web of their own making,
One or two resignations mean nothing,
The whole lot must go,

So don’t even bother (in being surprised),
Unless the Queen puts them all in the bin;

(Later we can put them in the bin too).

Oh you think you’re wise and cynical,
Yet still full of youthful ‘xuberance and ‘dignation,

How young and naive you still areβ€¦πŸ˜‚.

I am truly sorry that I did this and for the anger that people will feel as a result.

Ex-head of Covid taskforce


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