I’m going to diagnose myself with something else,
I think I have SUPβ€”

Seasonal Uplift Phenomenon,
It’s the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder;

And SAD lamps are the worst-named devices in history,
I suggest they be called SUP lamps instead,
A hat and scarf for the seasonally-challenged;

The Summer is almost worth it for the feeling of pure joy and freshness I feel on the first cold days of Autumn;

In the middle of Winter it’s purely exhilarating,
Though I’ll never reach the heights I used to,
Back in the days when I would run or cycle at a million miles per hour in this weather;
There was no better feeling than that!

But when I first rode an electric scooter in Autumn of 2019,
It took me right back to those complexly nostalgic feelingsβ€”
Memories of nostalgia for memories of Winter and moving through space,
Layers of positive association accumulated throughout early life;

Herald of the change.


One thought on “SUP

  1. I notice that winter doesn’t get me down, it’s actually earliest spring when my mood plummets. I hear you on the nostalgia. I miss doing certain things too. Here’s hoping for better days this year.

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