The Plods Come Marching…AGAIN!

Seriously, I have enough I’m dealing with…with OCD, trying to accomplish things, and I was lying on my bed recovering from the stress of it all having finally managed to wash, when…

knock knock knock

What the fuck. Knocking on my window again, seriously? I waited…

knock knock knock

Checked my security camera feed…black vests with white bits. Police…again? What could they possibly want since the guy they were after the last time has since moved out…over a week ago….I told them through the open window I needed to get dressed. I was completely naked from allowing the greasy skin ointments to soak in a bit before getting dressed…. Then I realised that’s not too unusual a thing at 8 in the morning (of course I’ve been awake 10 hours already). Been lucky each time that I was awake, otherwise it would’ve been seriously disorienting and disturbing.

Went to the door…

“Is <First Name> <Last Name> in?”

Same guy. Housemate F. I was so taken aback…some 5 days after the last police visit the housemate had been back in the house, living here for a week then moved out around 10 days ago. The landlord disposed of his last possessions a few days later. And the police are still looking for him? When all it would’ve taken was for me to call them to let them know he was in the house? I’d even considered it at the time but given that they hadn’t asked me to nor returned again I assumed they had it under control. Anyway I told them all this info.

Whilst two of them went upstairs, I asked an officer standing in the hallway:

“He’s still on the run then?”,


His room wasn’t the one I’d guessed it was the last time apparently. Had they broken through a door that wasn’t his, based on my word…? πŸ˜†. Surely not. But then surely so, given how disorganised and chaotic they’ve been. Before leaving they actually asked me if I could call 101 and let them know if I hear from him again.

The housemate could’ve been out at the shops the last time the police were round and had no idea. And that’s all it took to evade the police for 3 weeks? How can a loser like this guy manage to evade them for so long, by accident?

Or…given that he was running out of the house when he finally moved out, was that why he was rushing? But why then after a week of being here like nothing happened?

This is too annoying to not have any answers to. I could also give the police plenty of useful video footage if they wanted. I could show them the exact time he moved out and the van he left in with his mate. They know my camera’s there. They haven’t asked me for any footage. Are the police just this crap? Do I have to do their work for them or something?

I mean I’ve been watching Forensic Files non-stop for two months…not out of the question. All the same…these people deserve exactly zero of my energy.


2 thoughts on “The Plods Come Marching…AGAIN!

    1. I’m absolutely astonished that the whole saga even continued. Guaranteed that’s the end of it though. They asked me for the landlord/letting agent contact details, but then found them on a sheet stuck to the hallway wall.

      One wonders how they had no previous collaboration with the landlord/letting agent…in finding that guy, although they’d both be as incompetent as each other :).

      Fort Plante is the last bastion of reason. Outside, all is chaos.


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