Dreams 10

We left humanity behind and opened up the galaxy,
Sampled star system after star system,
Worlds, moons,
Aerial ecosystems and archaic oceans,

But all we found were shared ancestries,
A single common origin,
Rooted so deeply in time that we could only wonder,

Wonder about questions whose answers could only be found by reaching still further,
Into the depths of that crowded night sky,
Guessing what secrets those galaxies must hold?

The problem with the universe is that it doesn’t let you have it both ways,
You can look but you can’t touch,
You can see things as they were or you can reach them in the distant future,
The faster you travel, so the world around you ages

The destination may not even exist by the time you get there and all the while you’ll receive the condensed light emitted throughout its accelerated evolution,
Watching helplessly as the thing which you’re aiming for decays, dies, disperses

Forever unable to exist within the same plane,
It exists in your past and future,
But its present is elusive, known only in dreams

And his echoing call reached me from across the aeonsβ€”



8 thoughts on “Dreams 10

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s two thingsβ€” the fact that even light itself takes a while to reach you, so that the destination could already be gone before you leave. But also the fact that if you travel near the speed of light (necessary for such big distances), then relativistic time dilation means that time for you passes slower (and faster for everyone else).

      So you can actually travel to a distant galaxy instantaneously from your perspective, if you go fast enough. But the closer you get to the speed of light the greater the difference in time passing for you and the outside world. If you could actually travel at the speed of light, the universe would end instantaneously. This means that photons of light are witnessing the entire age of the universe in an instant…it’s so fucked up lol.

      So there’s a balance pointβ€” if you want to reach something within your lifetime, it has to be close enough so that you don’t need to go too close to the speed of light so that it dies before you reach it. You can go further, but the universe ages faster. I spent time visualising this once and it’s quite a sad conclusion!! It’s a fundamental limit on how much the stuff in the universe can interact with other stuff. It’s so counter-intuitive that it’s hard to believe.

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      1. I don’t want full knowledge because then I’d know the whole scale of suffering and cruelties and even what little I do know now is too much.

        Refresh my brain–did you study that stuff?

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