Another Solution

The solutions which keep me going,
Amidst an environment which makes no sense,
And people whom defy explanation,

Are a reflection of some amount of fortune for which I am glad,
And my cast-iron will and indignation to make it through,
Solving problems one by one,
To survive and look back at this fucking place from safety.

If you haven’t seen it,
It’s impossible to imagine what lies beyond my room;
It would be impossible to reconcile the niceness of my room with what I describe;
I’d show you, but then it would ruin my blog forever and you wouldn’t be able to unsee it πŸ™‚

Let’s just say…it necessitates a gas mask, through which I can smell absolutely nothing! It’s miraculous. One step closer to apocalypse-ready.

Btw this was the reverse camera view!!


15 thoughts on “Another Solution

      1. I have 8 indoor plants. I would have more but plants only do good in my dining room so I can only fit so many. I also have 5 on my porch and a bunch of outdoor plants. For some reason my indoor plants aren’t doing so good this year.

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      2. You can fit more plants in the dining room with shelving πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

        All of my plants grow off artificial light alone 😳. Another quirk I have is my curtains are closed all the time because I’m in a ground floor room facing the street (privacy + sensitivity to moving objects!), so I’m using a SAD lamp thingy + my plant lights to simulate natural light, which actually works surprisingly well. Small LED plant lamps go a surprisingly long way with the plants, as you can see!


      3. I keep my apartment a little on the dark side. I don’t like the bright sunlight shining in because it gets really hot here in the summer time.I have my curtains closed most of the day. I never thought about using a lamp for my plants but that is a great idea. You use a LED light ?

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      4. Oh, that explains a lot perhaps!

        Yes, you can see one in the picture in this post. I have three clusterings of plants in here and a lamp for each one. (I also have a fourth group of plants on shelving which is behind a curtain in the daylight haha).

        The most economical options are a lamp with flexible arms like this:

        Or a bulb like this which you can fit into a separate gooseneck holder:

        They seem to get cheaper and more powerful each time I check. They’ve all been very sturdy though and the LEDs are rated to 30-50,000 hours.


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