Housemate F Is Gone!!??

Ding dong housemate F is dead πŸ˜‚.

It seems that the wanted housemate’s lock has been replaced!!!

I just went out the front of the house and saw a couple of discarded door locks on a shelf by the front door πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€.

He’s already been barred from the house!!?? Probably had an actual court eviction order too I imagine.

Holy fucking shit that would be great news!!! It would remove 99% of the stampeding through the house. I will have to check my camera recordings over the next day to be sure.

Though if a house viewing caught on camera the other day is anything to go by (letting agent with 5 boisterous young guys) it may not be for long…

I actually wonder if the letting agent was advertising my room too? Expecting me to be gone soon πŸ˜‚.

This house is basically the Wild West,
But with mould.

Update: they are definitely fucking gone!! Their windows which have been permanently open since the day I moved in (both successive housemates A and F kept them open 24/7 throughout the year even when out of the house…I mean…), are now closed and the lights are off (which housemate F kept on 24/7). No more room shaking today so far.


19 thoughts on “Housemate F Is Gone!!??

    1. Yeah no worries, I would’ve asked too haha.

      Yeah it’s a shared house with 5 rooms in total, so I have up to 4 housemates. I’ve only had 3 for some months. I’ve been reliant upon housing support since 3 years ago when I stopped living with parents and unable to work since a year before that, so I don’t have a choice in it. There was 7 months of living in my car between parents and living in this place.

      So…I was the first to move into this place which was clean and renovated. Then nobody but me did any communal cleaning and it deteriorated. Then I gradually figured out ways to do everything within my room so I could just keep the door closed and live self-contained which I’ve been doing for the past year. All of my plants are in my room. The dog photos are from parents’ house spanning several years, some taken by me some by the one brother I’m in contact with.

      So it’s this weird mix of having built a fort within which everything’s fine, whilst outside of my locked door is complete chaos. I have to venture out a few times a week to fill up water containers, or when leaving the house altogether.

      It’s quite a remarkable situation that I CAN do everything within my room and that there were solutions, and I had enough financial support (mostly from parents) to be able to do it. It has its own challenges, but life would’ve been totally impossible if I hadn’t been able to do that. Since I fall through every gap in terms of any kind of support, this has been my only option.


    1. Well…I did notice him again last night on the camera. The window’s been fogging up lately with the colder weather so it hasn’t been picking everything up. I’ve built a shroud around the camera now and changed camera settings so I’m detecting all movements again :).

      So yeah, that worried me, though it appeared as though he turned up with a friend, couldn’t get in, and left again? Which would make sense haha. Haven’t seen him since last night since fixing the camera. So…yeah, prob need to wait a week to have confidence!

      I also should not get hopeful about improved state of the house, because as long as nobody else is cleaning up that rotting mess in the kitchen which already exists, it’s not gunna change….πŸ‘€. It will stay there through house viewings and everything. I just…cannot imagine how the letting agent/landlord think that’s acceptable?

      There are two girls who live here who look respectable and one goes out to work…and they are living amongst that. They do their cooking in the kitchen despite the filth and dirty pots and garbage everywhere. I now have a gas mask for leaving my room which has helped considerablyβ€” I can’t smell anything through it!

      Salvation Army person is coming soon so will give her a tour of the mess.

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      1. Letting go is so important for one’s peace of mind. I tend to get very worked up and indignant to the point of hysteria when things aren’t “fair,” so to be able to sort of shrug would make my life much better.

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      2. I like being able to share it neutrally and have other people tell me how unfair it is, whist just numb inside πŸ˜†. And it’s like, I wonder how much more ridiculous this can get? πŸ€”

        It’s satisfying after experiencing many unfair things. So the more that happen the more vindication is possible. I guess yeah I tend to not panic in the moment with most things, I just look forward to the blog post about it. Like last week my car broke down a mile from home. And of course it took them 3 hours to get to me. And 6 mins to finish the drive home. LOL. Well that happened πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

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