Incidents In The Middle Of The Night

Ok, so…
I heard a knocking in the middle of the night, on my window once again,
Was already tense because I’d stayed up to find out what happened in the F1 race, I was nervous about it because of a dangerous track, I’d really just wanted to check nobody died;
Just finished watching it when I thought I heard a knocking in the window,
Took headphones off and heard it again…

*sigh*, I thought the days of this were long past when the old housemate used to lock himself out constantly,
Though one of the replacements was recently knocking on my window in the night too,
I’d watched him through my security camera knocking then putting up his middle finger,
Frightening guy I’ve always thought;
Never spoken a word to him;

So tonight when I checked the live camera feed, through the fogged up window glass I could just about make out black vests, a hi-viz jacketβ€”
Fucking hell, dΓ©ja vu man, what have I done now?
I’ve seen this before this year when police were on a manhunt for somebody;

So I went to the front door and whilst taking my ear plug out,
Looked at the police and in my best innocent voice, asked:
“Hi, what’s up?”

“We’re looking for Housemate F”;
Immediately in my brain lightbulbs flashed, everything clicked into placeβ€”
Right…that guy whom along with his mates look fucking terrifying stampeding into the house every night in large groups…
IS in fact involved with police;

I waved them onwards and said “Yep…he lives upstairs…I think it’s the room above mine if you can figure it out”,
They said thanks and trooped up there;

Before I knew it they were knocking on my door to check if that guy was actually in,
I said I didn’t know,
They said they’d have to break the door down;

They proceeded to get their battering ram and smashed his door in,
His indoor security camera (apparently he has one too) immediately started blaring but I couldn’t hear any arrests being made;
Damnit, was so hoping to hear “Put your hands above your head, drop the weapon, you are under arrest on suspicion of <something terrible>”;
Wonder if they found his stash though?

Anyways, police have left now on the hunt for this dickhead,
And the landlord has another smashed-in door to deal with (previous housemate smashed their own door in after losing their key);

…And I quote Cassa Bassa plus my Salvation Army worker:

“And the landlord thought you were the problem”,


If I wrote them all down you wouldn’t believe the variety of unique things I’ve experienced already. I barely do myself. It’s just another day for me.

If this guy is getting arrested though that would positively improve the house’s cleanliness. You wouldn’t believe the state it’s often in. He lives like a rat, there’s no other way to describe it. I have just this week bought a gas mask for the rare trips outside of my room I have to make, because there is rotting food waste on the kitchen floor…

I need another Salvation Army visit.


10 thoughts on “Incidents In The Middle Of The Night

    1. Wish I had an answer but I’m not surprised unfortunately. There’s nothing these people aren’t capable of, housemates or landlord. It’s truly horrific. Beyond my bedroom doorway everything is complete chaos. Fully expect to have rats in the house, see them in the area often.

      I’ve asked my salvation Army person to contact the letting agent about the mess since I genuinely fear for my health now. Thank God I am able to live contained within my room at least. I don’t even feel physically safe and watch my back!

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      1. Thanks. Yep, simply been very lucky to have had the funds for all the things I’ve had to buy to mitigate all of this, which has been a lot. If I hadn’t been able to achieve total isolation within my room, it would’ve been impossible. I would be dead. So it’s as much fortune as will/resourcefulness, which scares me. No matter how suicidal I got there would’ve been no other support coming to avoid it. But yeah, I do appreciate it took will and resourcefulness to think of these solutions! So thank you. And others will be able to implement some of them at least.

        Ironically all of these issues weren’t issues when I lived in the carβ€¦πŸ˜. It’s purely about surviving this bridge between car and having my own place (or at least if the shared launchpad place is clean as they claim!). I don’t look ahead and do lots of self-soothing for sure, or try.

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