Things I Have In Common With Fernando Alonso

  • Natural ability at go-karting
  • “Neck and shoulders of a boxer, legs of a cyclist”
  • Infinite stamina
  • Sense of humour
  • Latin temperament
  • 1.72m vs 1.71m tall (I’m taller)
  • Both 68kg in weight (in physical prime)
  • Only take part in competitive things where we have a chance of winning
  • Only happy with winning, anything else is devastating
  • Passion for (taking part in) all forms of motorsport
  • Wide range of skills including technical
  • Adaptability to new disciplines
  • Perfectionist
  • Not afraid to ask questions and give opinions
  • Fearless
  • Cat-like reflexes and ability to weave a path through traffic

Had fate dealt me slightly different cards I could be sitting here as a five-times Formula 1 world champion. I probably wouldn’t have injured myself through needless risk-taking activities. OCD may not have had a chance to set in, but rather the perfectionism would’ve stood me in good stead. I would’ve always been busy and feeling on top of the world through constant physical exertion, whilst also keeping my mind occupied.

This is not a rumination, just a thought experiment! It’s a positive thoughtβ€” to believe inside that I had it in me to be a Formula 1 world champion πŸ˜„. The longer that I follow Formula 1, the more similarities I find with certain drivers (specifically the great champions and ones with the most natural ability). Sometimes it is uncanny. It’s fascinating to think that had I sat in a go-kart 10 years earlier and had the opportunity and support to follow it up and some luck, I could’ve been racing alongside Alonso for most of my career. Last year I rode my electric scooter across icy-slush-covered grass, it was insane. I’ve never had less traction in my life.

Disclaimer: this is deliberately indulgent and probably best left unspoken, but to be fair at least most of it is true and I couldn’t help but put it on the record to get it out of my mind πŸ˜†β€” another thing in common. Fernando can say it because it’s demonstrably true. I can say it because I’ve an active imagination. But for now I am happy to a humble knock-kneed mental health blogger, podcaster and plant grower supremo extraordinaire 😎 (pending supportive environment).

I even dreamt twice I was a Formula 1 driver, in the second remembering this wasn’t my first time. I saw my name on the timing board. It was amazing.…And with stem cell and age-extending and reversal treatments, who knows what’s possible in the future? Never say never!Β 


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