Housing Caveats

Hi Nathan,

The assessment with Launchpad went well. They’ll decide if they’re going to support me but it all seemed very positive.

The only issue is the lack of time now, and they warned me to ‘steel myself’ for having to be put into emergency council accommodation in the meantime, which would be a ‘shithole’. However I didn’t mention it but there’s no way I’d allow myself to move somewhere even worse, as where I am is already unthinkable. I would try to stay in a self-contained AirBnb place whilst waiting for Launchpad. I’ve used it before and have good reviews on there, so it should be possible.

The fact I have a car made things awkward, as it seemed like it would probably rule out their city-centre places. As well as needing to be on a ground floor, my requirements just make it difficult.

It’s just an absolute tragedy that the four months’ notice period was wasted and all of September was lost (because of the council letting me down), because Launchpad’s services were exactly what I need and the people there were so supportive. I should be feeling really reassured by that but I’m just more in limbo than ever.

I’m going back to Launchpad today so they can phone up PIP and advocate for me. Depending on the result of that, Stepping Forward will then help me begin the tribunal process for that.

Launchpad are also going to put pressure on the council to be finding me somewhere to stay too.


Incidentally, this feels like one of my recurring nightmare themes coming trueβ€”
That of being condemned by some greater authority or circumstance whilst people who would otherwise be supportive can only watch on, helpless. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Because rules are the rules and I simply don’t fit in anywhere. Yes, trauma triggers…

But, I can only keep taking things one day at a time. No unfounded faith in things turning out fine, nor indulging in catastrophic thinking. I blogged my way through this exact scenario two years ago, after all.


6 thoughts on “Housing Caveats

    1. Honestly they have been amazing so far. The services they provide are amazing and comprehensive, they link up with other stuff, and the people are very human. It is just a shame the council couldn’t communicate better and link me up with this sooner, as now I’m facing homelessness in-between this place and Launchpad. They’ve basically confirmed I’ll be able to move in with them, just got to wait now.

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