The Court Letter

Well…it finally arrivedβ€” the expected letter about legal proceedings for the eviction. Just what I needed to find whilst trying to get out of an OCD attack in the middle of the night… :). I have a visit from the Salvation Army person later and I’ve asked to go through this. There’s a form I need to fill out and I have the chance to defend the eviction decision or the date I need to leave by, if I can argue that I need more than 2 weeks. It all just comes down to whether the council or launchpad can house me within that time.

Ironically this letter also came with a letter from Talking Therapies asking me to call them to arrange a first appointment. There’s just a tragic futility in engaging with this now considering my dramatic external circumstances. Engaging with it at all will be challenging, besides the fact that it won’t help these circumstances out of my control but which dictate so much of any potential recovery from trauma and OCD.

I have a separate NHS referral for OCD treatment as a result of my private OCD diagnosis, and can you imagine I get to the top of that listβ€” I get my standard issue 10 weeks of CBT or whatever, and at the end of it I’ll still be a nervous wreck from stuff like this. Having the chance to engage with it any time in the last 2 years would’ve been futile, for so many reasons simultaneously. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Anyway, I’m determined to keep living one day at a time as usual.

Holy shit…it seems that my wordpress achievement notifications are working again. This is my 1,000th post! Scary stuff…hopefully the next 1,000 will end a bit better!!


10 thoughts on “The Court Letter

    1. It’s not adequate support actually, Talking Therapies is just a quick thing which is always immediately available. It’s meant as a gateway for referrals to other services. In my case it’s pointless since I already know I need much more specialised therapy (which I have the OCD referral for already).

      It was available before, it was just pointless because I couldn’t be awake for it at the right times, my environment was too stressful etc. I’m just going through the motions now because it keeps being brought up and it will further demonstrate to people the struggles of my situation. It’s just another opportunity for me to explain my whole situation again and be passed onto someone else πŸ˜•.


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