Hi Robin

I notified them that I had discussed it with our tenancy relations officer who confirmed they’d need to have served a s.8 as you are protected from The Protection from Eviction Act 1977. Otherwise this is harassment or an illegal eviction.

I will do a referral to our tenancy relations officer and request she contacts them to inform them of your rights in the property.

The council also did an application with me over the phone for Launchpad supportive accommodation. Now I just need to wait for the response on that next week. Everybody is now on the same page. It’s a huge relief. I can’t dream about the Launchpad accommodation but everything about the organisation and service sounds ideal.

Fort Plante has successfully kept the vampires (landlords/letting agents) at bay for today.

Now I should be able to get outside!

Who is my emergency contact? I have no idea…I don’t have one. But I look like John Rambo πŸ€”.


7 thoughts on “Bingo

      1. Haha!! That’s strange, so have I! I’ve been using movies to try to practice concentration and resisting compulsions, and changing my perspective. I watched first two Rambos last winter/spring then recently watched Rocky and now two more Rambos (all first time). I am also going to watch Demolition Man again. Interest in a particular actor is a new thing for me. Sylvester Stallone was my nickname in school for ages once, lol. About 3 years. At the time I looked like he did in Demolition Man. Then I went for decades without looking like him, but now I look like him in Rambo but with a beard.

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      2. Rocky is a really great, moving film. People forget that because they only remember the later stuff like Rocky IV. Which I like because it’s so ridiculous and every line is a one-liner. But the first Rocky is special.

        It’s funny you mention looking like him–my fiance went through a phase when his hair grew a lot and he looked like Rocky. I saw a t-shirt of Rocky that he looked just like and it was hilarious when he wore it. It was very meta.


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