No More Words

It was funny how even now, not much had changed;
Funny, terrifying, surreal,
It would be hard to sum it up in words,
Complex emotions we’d never expected to feel;
All the same, at some fundamental level we’d remained blissfully, wilfully unaware,
These final few months;

As the sky began to blot out,
The darkening, growing shadow falling across the upper atmosphere,
Finally…now, we could see something with our own eyes;
We all became believers;

That black shadow grew and grew, yet still…nothing;

Thereβ€” we saw it, grey surface breaching the upper layers,
A gasp,
Blue-green light of a second sun,
Final imageβ€” glinting off a thousand tiny rectangles held up to the …


20 thoughts on “No More Words

      1. So, the Ultrabodies appeared in an article of mine months ago. I had photographed, during the lockdown, the appearance of strange presences in the city….
        A blogger had replied with other photos and a challenge was born. Then other readers liked the game of photographs and…. it became endemic!
        Now there are 71 dedicated articles with lots of photographs, written texts, even some videos. Obviously the war is to resist the invasion.
        If you’d like to come check it out, you can access the translator in the footer. Only one article is also in English, in honor of an English reader who participated.
        I’ll put you the link to that article, and after that, the link to the dedicated page, if you want. πŸ™‚

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      1. It’s alright, I totally get it. I think I lost some followers because of it lol. It’s hard to keep up. I really struggle and I often stay up late catching up and responding to people.

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