Toxic Relationship

Why I always

come back to you

No matter what you do to me;

Abusive narc




16 thoughts on “Toxic Relationship

    1. Yep!! :). It really is an accurate description though. At my best with doing Exposure Response Prevention, I’m able to just snap out of it and immediately re-focus on what I wanted to do. It’s liberating but weird. Sometimes it has the feeling of ‘coming to’ and waking up from a daze. But more often it is a struggle and a fight to make the switch. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about psychotic breaks lol.

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      1. I’m not familiar so I had to look it up and yeah it is sort of like that. It also adapts to different situations like in church to dial up the distress factor. I get words and phrases, often harmless, stuck in my head too. Knowing that it’s a mental illness and not me as a person helped tremendously in lowering my anxiety about it. If it were me, then the thoughts wouldn’t distress me so much. This is gonna sound odd but sometimes I just run down a list of every bad word I know and get it out of my system. Almost like an F U to the OCD. Okay, you want to say bad words? Let’s say some bad words. And then it flees in terror when it sees me going along with it.


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