Cosmic Freedom From Mundanity

I want to soar amongst the stars and the planets and the moons,
Envisioning possibilities of the Universe, exotic wonders of reality,
I want to gaze backwards and forwards through time at will,
Dwelling on the providence of life and the Universe and why it’s all there;

Then I am brought crashing back down to Earth as I have a Jobcentre appointment at 3:50,
The mundanities of everyday life taking centre-stage once more;

Power to the Universe, the appointment’s been cancelled,
The Jobcentre is closed;
In the almighty afterglow of the revelation,
One ponders the reason…

  1. The phones have stopped working
  2. The heating’s stopped working
  3. Someone’s been stabbed

And I am free once more.

Days since last Jobcentre appointment: 609,
The cosmically-lucky git.


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