Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Really Exist (Here)

Some years ago…when somebody first told me about the phenomenon of ‘anti-vaxxers’, I was fiercely disbelieving and resistant because I had never known that to be an issue here in the UK. The whole idea was new to me. It was completely standard that you had vaccines as a child, had vaccines in school, had vaccines to go to certain countries; nobody ever questioned that.

The person telling me about this was also from the UK, so it was very strange that they were defending the notion of ‘anti-vaxxers’ being a problem in the UK. To be so sure about something I’d never heard about and which made no sense was weird (though it wouldn’t be the first time). But why would you single out a very specific example of medicine to be ‘against’? How could paracetamols be ok but vaccines not? ‘Anti-medicine’ would make more sense than ‘anti-vaccine’. It’s like deciding you don’t like the word ‘the’.

Cut to the presentβ€” the COVID vaccination numbers in the UK have never shown anything but very fast uptake, plateauing at high rates of take-up, in fact the numbers I would’ve expected in the absence of any ‘anti-vax’ phenomenon.

Also by now in the present I’m definitely aware that ‘anti-vaxxers’ are perhaps a problem in comparable western countries like the USA and Canada. The funny thing is that the notion of anti-vaxxers being a significant issue persists in the UK. The even funnier thing was that it never existed here! The true number is probably somewhere between the number of people who believe in the 5G Hivemind Network and the number of those who still believe in Father Christmas.

So, I am vindicated and sanity restored, but there’s a lesson there I’m sure!

The number of people of all ages who have received a COVID-19 vaccination, expressed as a percentage of the population aged 16 and over, by dose, shown by date reported

If you’re from the UK, you can safely sayβ€” anti-vaxxers do not exist! Forget about the idea and don’t waste any more energy on it :).


4 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Really Exist (Here)

  1. Here people are quening up to be vaccinated. The ones are not yet vaccinated, not necessarily are anti-vaxxer, I would say a high percentage are against mandatory vaccination. It’s like if you tell me I have to do something without a compelling reason, then I question why you even ask in the first place.

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  2. If you open youtube and look for the protests with the green pass and the vaccine you will find many videos from all over the world, even from Italy, from where I am writing to you, and they are videos that no television or news shows, that’s why you don’t know that there are no vax. In Italy there have been many protests but they try to cancel the channels and take away the freedom of people even to speak. Quibdi please, document better, I say it because it is not fair that there are many people, like me, who have serious diseases, and can not make any type of vaccine, and are hated for it. I can’t even go to a site and talk because they attack me right away. Our Draghi, not chosen by the people and by no official election, is destroying everyone’s life, and our freedom is now dead.

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    1. “I say it because it is not fair that there are many people, like me, who have serious diseases, and can not make any type of vaccine”

      Absolutely, people don’t/can’t have vaccines for all sorts of reasons :). It should be clear to everyone that ‘anti-vax’ is only referring to a portion of all people who don’t have vaccines, and it’s each person’s right not to have a medical treatment. The idea of treating people badly simply for not being vaccinated is…awful. Some people are idiots 😩.

      I’m sorry you’re not able to have it for that reason πŸ’™.

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