Excerebration In Twenty Minutes

Do your embalmers a favour,
Browse reddit comments for twenty minutes,

Your liquified brain will leak out of your nostrils,
Saving them a tedious job.

This will also confuse future archeologists, who will wonderβ€”
How on Earth did they achieve such empty craniums?

Was this congenital or a cultural practice?


23 thoughts on “Excerebration In Twenty Minutes

  1. Ugh Reddit, you’re barely exaggerating with this. I hid the app on my phone so it takes a few steps to access it in order to deter me. I mainly use it for the epilepsy forum. Anything else is a damnable time and intellect and soul suck. BTW I like your title, very clever.

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    1. Yes indeed, I was using it for a few specific things to satisfy my curiosity to have certain discussions (mostly just witnessing them) which I can’t have in real life (only because I don’t know anyone willing to discuss them πŸ˜†).

      But then I made the mistake of straying from the beaten path, because that home page feed is damn good at starting your curiosity, lol. Then I realised just how totally devoid of empathy and humanity the average redditor is, slave to their rules and all-powerful ‘mods’, just like any fucking club that humans have come up with.

      Now I came up with a totally hilarious comment I was gunna say but forgot πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

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      1. Yes it’s horrible. I only went for the epilepsy thing and then wandered off the path… You can’t even express your own opinion there, let alone troll, with that BS karma system. (You may not realize this, but I am an internet troll elsewhere.)

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      1. People don’t write enough silly Robin. They’re all too sane and serious.

        We learn a lot from silly
        Thinking of Spike M
        Never sane and serious
        Priceless silly gem…..

        We learnt a lot from him….


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