Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

Since becoming inspired by Planterina on youtube I’ve had the goal of eventually being surrounded by an indoor jungle, because why not? All it takes is the right plants to start with, enough of them and time (not your time, but free time from the universe)!

So far my jungle’s been more of a vertical plant city, with three mini-jungles in my room. Eventually with more time and if I have more space, it could be a proper floor-to-ceiling jungle! However, my vision of ‘palms swooping over head’ is at times beginning to feel more like reality.

The view when I wake up 😍
This mini-jungle is the most elevated and next to the humidifier for these plants which like humidity
A plant recently given to me by my youngest brother on a surprise visitβ€” The Pterror Beneath. The ‘wilted’ leaves are actually new ones! It’s a confusing plant.
Whilst this Polka Dot Begonia looks harmless from above, from beneath it only makes me think of pterodactyls and is frankly terrifying!

Despite the horrors of the rest of the house outside, the hostile environment of the street with its constant noise blocked out by ear plugs and headphones, the traumas and stresses I’ve experienced whilst being here, the challenges of spending 95% of my time within a single room with the curtains closed that whole time, I am constantly amazed at just how nice…the sights it’s been possible to create within my one room, and at how much it’s gradually transformed over the two years I’ve been in it. It’s unrecognisable.

It is all in such contrast to the ridiculous things I’ve experienced here. My world will be upended again in another 4 weeks as I’ll be moved into another shared place, thanks to the landlord evicting all of the council tenants because of my indoor jungle which they thought was me growing weed. Who knows how that will be, but at least I’ll be able to recreate all of this there. Hopefully the new room will have enough space and I’ll be able to insulate myself from any sensory stresses.

My life moves on in complete chaos but with a few positive contradictions in spite of it. As it has always been up to now.


9 thoughts on “Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

  1. That looks great. I wish I had your talents for keeping them alive. How do you keep the bugs away? I always get plagued by fruit flies with plants. In other news, I went to a greenhouse exhibit at a zoo/park today and I thought, Robin would like this place. Then I found a cute little acorn in my yard and put it in a pot. Let’s see what happens.

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    1. BTW have you ever tried growing an avocado? My dad grew one from a seed and it’s still alive over twenty-five years later! It’s a spindly tree but it’s alive. Oh and that’s really stupid they evicted you for growing non-existent pot.

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      1. Haha, wow. I haven’t, I’ve heard the idea mentioned a few times. I’ve reached the end of my ingenuity now with squeezing plants into my room, and this as well as other ideas are potential projects with more space, for sure! I can’t imagine the luxury of more space for plants 😐.

        Yes indeed. That’s one of the least stupid things that they did though 😏. They are truly morons.

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    2. Insect netting on the window! πŸ˜„. This is also so worth it just for your own comfort in the house. You can also make home-made insect repellants, such as neem oil + water, or garlic, chilli & oil. I was using the neem oil mixture for a while but I’m not bothering now I have the netting up :).

      Haha! Cool. I indeed would find places like that very interesting now. Good luck with the acorn, I tried growing a sycamore tree in a pot earlier this year after it sprouted next to my snake plant πŸ˜‚.

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      1. These little bastards are too small to block. I don’t even know where they come from. I think they’re gnats. They seem to like damp soil. My acorn has done nothing thus far, sadly.


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