Diyar Planitia

They said that Earth would never find peace,
But if Mars could do it,
Surely Earth could too,

Yes, Earth’s civilisation was older,
But from this vantage point, barely;

A ready-made technological civilisation with an entire new planet’s worth of resources available to it?
Humans will human;
It was all good and rosy whilst it was scientific outposts,
Everybody there united with a common goal,
But once it became self-sustaining,
When you could actually breathe the air,
All bets were off;

And then it happened,
A new world emerged;

From the perspective of deep time…
It will yet become obvious that those who’d said it couldn’t happen were innocently naive,
Because it hadn’t happened yet;

We watched it unfold from the plains of Enceladus,
The place where it all began.


12 thoughts on “Diyar Planitia

  1. I feel like I must re-read this several more times to actually grasp how great this piece is,how deep and we’ll thought of each line is, but I must write that it has blown me away in just one read.
    So well written, so poignant and hooking.
    Phenomenal Piece! πŸ’œ

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      1. Oh wow, I didn’t expect anyone to actually know.
        Did you stumble upon it by chance or were you learning Hindi (somehow that seems unlikely)?
        And yes, it means Indian in Hindi although the spelling would be slightly different but close to it.

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  2. Are you putting these all together somewhere? This feels like a prologue to something bigger. In September, there’s a thing some people on WordPress do called #SepSceneWriMo where you write one little scene a day (to thumb one’s nose at the November novel thing). Maybe you should try it.

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    1. Yeah, they’re all here on my blog lol. I’ve got them categorised under fiction so will be easy to go through them later.

      The thing is I hate clubs and I can’t write on demand, lol. And if I tried to write creatively every day for a month it would be so diluted down and shit halfway through. It’s hard to write fiction that also has a ‘point’ to it, which is the only kind I like haha.

      In a way they are a prologue, I will write longer things eventually. Really need my circumstances more stable for that though. There’s some recent hope for that again :).

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      1. I’m going to try it as a challenge to myself because I wrote about two things last year. But I’ve already started writing them ahead of time. It’s probably going to fizzle out but I want to commit to something for once.

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