One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

I’ve found this to be one of the greatest differences that exists between individual humans, along with built-in levels of empathy. Turns out with exercise, people fall along a whole spectrum from those who experience nirvana through exercise, and those who feel better without it. My youngest brother is an example of the second who’s been really informative for me!

What I mean by exercise is something like, at minimum, running several miles, swimming strenuously for at least 30 minutes, or simply spending a whole day walking/hiking or other such physical activity. It is simply a case of the more I do, the better I feel. Up to a point it increases my perceived energy levels. It is the default activity I naturally fall down to.

I’m very much at the extreme end of naturally active and gaining the most enjoyment and peace through physical activity. And note this is nothing to do with any perceived virtuous aspects of exerciseβ€” it’s simply what I instinctively want to do. The satisfaction is deep and within my bones. It is synonymous with life. Whilst other factors may influence how I feel and affect my mental health, distort my perspectives of things, through exercise there is the cast-iron guarantee of feeling better about myself and the world and everything. It’s like, everything else is just the icing on the cake whereas physical activity is responsible for 90% of feeling good. Even going outside holds very little pleasure if I’m not active either whilst doing so or before.

You cannot stop me running around and moving as long as I’m able to. And that is the impossible challenge I have with knee problems combined with my active nature. The challenge of finding work I can do. The challenge of coming up against the system which views you as able to do sedentary jobs regardlessβ€” and vastly differing levels of empathy from people in general about this type of situation. Receiving accusations of using my knee problems and limited mobility as an excuse not to be going out and doing things, as if I must be lucky to be able to indulge in the ideal of being ‘lazy’! (Yes, I’ve experienced this as I’m sure have many people with physical disabilities).

You’ll find that anybody who’s an athlete or exercises without the need for motivating apps or group runs or does a physically strenuous job by choice will be similar to me. Being blocked from that is our hellβ€” not a silver lining! The consequences will be chronic depression and anxiety, which can too easily end up being expressed as angry rage, especially without support or alternative means of expression.


10 thoughts on “One Of The Pillars Of Neurodiversity

  1. I’ve found I feel physically ill if I can’t go outside much in a day due to meetings and such. When I say go outside that usually involves at least walking briskly if not swimming or hiking. I prefer swimming laps outside but that’s usually only possible here a few months out of the year for my temperature sensitive ass. Lol

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  2. 😫 Oh please don’t give good reasons to exercise! I need excuses! I do like reading what you say here though. sometimes wonder what it’d be like to do those strenuous activities. I was never an athlete, but I liked walking every day. I injured my foot at work somehow and it didn’t heal right, and the pain caused this chain reaction of skeletal misalignment all the way up my spine which makes everything miserable. You are right that exercise has enormous benefits for the mind. I’m sorry you’re having problems with the knee.

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    1. Haha. With this I’m also implying that people who don’t like being active shouldn’t necessarily force themselves to be, though. It’s not an even field.

      Man I’m sorry about your injury, I’ve read about that kind of thing happening. Spinal pain would be miserable. Do you get on well with yoga? Probably been mentioned to you a thousand times! Urgh, chronic pain is really life-limiting, I hope you’re able to find some way to improve things.


  3. Oh I know this feeling all too well! Walking is my best method for grounding. Trying to fit ourselves into a highly sedentary world can be challenging, especially on the far end of the spectrum we seem to be on haha. But when you talk about the distortion of perspectives without physical activities I couldn’t help but nod in agreement!

    This affects me and so many people I’ve worked with. Your words strike a chord and I’m happy I got to read them! Thanks for the post and I’m looking forward to other articles you come up with!!


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