Dealing With Thoughts Of Defeatedness

Too much pain,
Too much suffering,
Too much loss,
Creeping feelings of abject apathy and meaninglessness;

I need to take a breakβ€”
Back to action,
Helping others where I can,
Whilst giving myself what I need,
Everything with the best intentions and thoughtfulness,
That’s all I can do,
And it’s enough;

Anything else is self-defeating.

Enjoy this photo of this strange-looking plant I was recently gifted:

It’s a cactus, but grows dangling leaves and leaves in a wide variety of shapes and lengths πŸ™‚.


13 thoughts on “Dealing With Thoughts Of Defeatedness

    1. Haha! I wasn’t thinking of the plant like that, but actually, this plant is one that doesn’t fit in anywhere. Initially I wasn’t overwhelmingly happy with being given it because I was running out of space and I didn’t know what to make of this plant lol.

      But yes, I guess the plant is a demonstration of flexibility/adaptability and optimism :).

      Thank you, really appreciate the comments and encouragement. Yes, finding daily purpose has been the most difficult part of the last 3/4 years. The plants are definitely helping with itβ€” not too much, since looking after them takes minimal time, but the fact they are still there no matter what is great. And they’re a physical manifestation of past efforts and optimism :).

      Thank god I do have higher and longer-term purpose. Just about having the conditions in which I can take part in that.

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