Stem Cell Therapy



In a post-infrastructure world,
I would be totally
irreparably helpless;

Modern medicine has peaked just in time,
I am already too late.


12 thoughts on “Stem Cell Therapy

    1. Yes. I’ve had knee injuries since the age of 25, almost 10 years, and for 5 years in my teenage years. Both sports injuries. My right knee has been confirmed since 2014 as very messed up with arthritis in lots of places, a healed torn ACL ligament and stuff. The left knee started suffering from overuse in 2016 and I have arthritis there too. The only available further option was knee replacement, but it’s too early to do that because of the lifespan of the replacement, plus it’s obviously irreversible.

      I’ve been holding out for stem cell therapy which I’ve just noticed has become a standard treatment for knees in our health service (since 3 years ago). I found an article about a guy similar to me who was the first patient :).

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      1. Don’t be sorry for the length! That sounds so hard with all those injuries. Quality of life suffers so much when our bodies fail us this way. I had no idea stem cell treatments were available for knee injuries!

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