I sat in my garden, looking around at the lovely plants,
And thought to myselfβ€”

Ahhh, watering can,
A new watering can would be a good idea,
There’re too many plants now for the small one,

And one of those little pop-up greenhouses,
I could grow some tomatoes,

And some new pots would be grand, the rhododendrons are getting big…

It’s the weekend tomorrow, we ought to get down to the garden centre!

“Shall we go to the garden centre tomorrow, dear? We could get breakfast at the cafΓ© they have there”,

“The garden centre? What for?”,

“I was just thinking, we could do with a new watering can and a couple of other things”,

“I heard the garden centre’s closed down. Have you checked the parcel locker today?”,

“Eh, what? The parcel locker? Why?”,

“Just go and check it, love, it’ll only take a minute…”

I cranked open the parcel locker at the front of the house,
And the breath was sucked from my lungsβ€”

Inside the locker…
A brand new watering can,
A pop-up greenhouse,
And some new plant pots, in just the colour I had been thinking of;

What the…

“Dear…how…did youβ€””,

“You know how it’s your birthday tomorrow?”,


“I’ve signed you up to Amazon Prime Yesterday! Happy Birthday!”

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash


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