Back To The Nineties

I want to go back to the nineties,
When it was all command lines and 2D games,
And you couldn’t afford to buy the real game,
You just took the demo CDs off the fronts of magazines,
And even that was like all your christmases coming at once,


And you didn’t have google maps you just had to look at the real map,
And could get lost but not realise it for ages,
Saying are we nearly there yet are we nearly there yet,
But now you know full well when you’re nearly there yet because google bitch tells you,
In a stupid demeaning voice,


And looking through the Argos catalogue meant saving up for an entire year just for a giant lego spaceship,
Or a games console if you actually had a paper round,
Because the calculator didn’t lie,
And it made you sick with excitement just imagining having that kind of spending power,


And christmas meant not sleeping for the entire night,
Scared of going to sleep in case you died in your sleep before you got to open the presents,
Because it was all just so fucking exciting,
Marginally more exciting than climbing a tree on a summer evening!


And we didn’t have this climate change,
I mean we did but not really,
And if you did recycling you were an absolute nutter,
Or a paedophile,


And I want go back to the nineties,
Cos it was better,
And I was younger,
And oh shit I’m oldโ€”



Not really.


30 thoughts on “Back To The Nineties

  1. Hell yes, Robin! I’ve been all nostalgic now for a while too. I’m a bit less than a year younger than you, I think, so we’re on the same timeline. I miss being home playing with my N64 and watching the tv shows and reading my books and listening to my music and so on and so forth…. No internet shenanigans and you could get away with prank calling people.

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    1. LOL same timeline ๐Ÿคฃ. So your birthday is in July/August?

      To be honest it was written in more of a purposefully sarcastic/tragic tone, like a sycophantic version of myself. I’m generally blocking out the past for immediate survival ๐Ÿ˜†. My most memorable and exciting N64 memories were playing on them when my friends got them before me lol. Then staying up all night playing 1080 snowboarding on christmas day the minute we got one ๐Ÿ˜.


  2. You listed all the wonderful things in the past. Now we are trying to exceed Amazon Prime to Amazon Now to Amazon yesterday (in delivery)…we are very impatient and with little tolerance…

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