End-Game Possibilities

I will always know
when I am ready
for what,

I will always know what I need;

It doesn’t matter that the jobcentre work coach is back in touch,
That I will have to defend that corner now, too,

Because I know that once I finally get my own place,
A chance to breathe,
And let out that long-held breath,
That’s when the (long) recovery begins;

See because from the start, it’s been out of my hands,
I’ve known what I needed,
Completely independently of any obligations or assessments pushed upon me;

The price of not receiving the support that I need,
To progress towards the goals that I have,
Is reaching the end of the road;
This has been clear in my mind all along,
That is what I would have to face,
Because without that support, time and space,
I’ve had absolutely nothing left to lose.

This is why, when they deemed me to be fit for work,
I told them (politely) the result was totally irrelevant.

Up to now, they have responded to that,
But I have no fear of the alternative.

I know what is true, and what is true I know.
I will always defend the truth,
To the very end.


8 thoughts on “End-Game Possibilities

  1. I think it’s very important for a person to have space and peace (inside and outside) to be able to clear their minds and prepare for the next steps. I hope everything keeps moving along in the right direction.

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