Dare To Hope


not to;

Could it
this time?

I’ve collected 8 documents in support of my need for my own placeβ€” from charities who’ve helped me, a GP, a community mental health nurse and a psychiatrist (my autism and OCD diagnosis reports).

It is in the council’s hands now, as they have done another ‘homelessness risk assessment’ on me last weekβ€” the same as they initially did in November 2019. Which seems weird, considering they’ve housed me since December 2019, but that’s bureaucracy!

In addition to my 8 documents, there is the report from the community mental health nurse from the Health Outreach Liaison Team who a few weeks ago on the request of the council, came round with my regular Salvation Army support person to ‘assess’ me. Her conclusion whilst here was in total agreement with mineβ€” that my situation would be massively improved with having my own place. She wrote a report to the council stating that (which I’m still trying to get a copy of!).

My Salvation Army support person was replaced with a new one (the old one “no longer with them”!), and during a visit last week she was very optimistic that the council are looking to actually move me into my own place (depending on availability) before my move out notice here, and avoid having to move twice (into another shared place before eventually my own place).

But then again, I’ve been round in circles before and what various people are saying is usually disjointed and unconnected.

Of course, now that this hurdle could be close to being solved, now is the time that the jobcentre are back in contact with me after 18 months and I’m having to fight that corner again with satisfying them that I’m unfit to work or look for work πŸ˜†.


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