Slather Me Slavers, That’s Not Chocolate!

They can’t get enough of it

Slathering slavery shite all over their sad subservient gobs!!

Slaver: โ€œTo smear with saliva issuing from the mouthโ€
Slather: โ€œTo spread something thickly on something else; to coat well.โ€

Drinking it up at the voting booths,

Ten more years of shite, yes please,

Slather, slather, slather,
It’ll help grow me potatoes,

Please sir, may I have some more?

Why, certainlyโ€ฆif you vote for it;

So they voted to be showered in it,
Bathing in the verbal and physical diarrhoea of digested dreams and parliamentary chocolate hobnobs.

Thanks to Twisted Mouse for inspiring me to write this; sick bastard.


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