I hope that I will live,
To write a book some time,

Only a book could do it justice,
There’ve just been too many things that have happened;

Only a book could possibly chart everything,
But, more than that,
The parts that other people will find in common,
Would really be useful to them;

I’m 34 but I feel like I’ve lived two or three lives already,
It’s already been a lifetime’s worth of experience, that’s for sure,
More than I ever needed;

I haven’t lived just one life or been just one person,
I’ve experienced so many diverse things, somehow;

At times it has been so chaotic and messy,
As it is especially right now,
And somehow I keep getting up each day, optimistically;

No matter my punctuality,
It’s been 100% attendance so far,
Isn’t that something?
It’s hard to believe.


15 thoughts on “12,425

  1. I love the 100% attendance line too. That’s something, that’s a big deal. I’m thirty-three so we’re pretty close in age so that’s cool. Start your book now before too much stuff accumulates to be able to remember it all.

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    1. Thanks :). Yeah it’s pretty remarkable isn’t it when you think of it like that? Lol. Another similar thing I find even more mind-boggling is that every thing alive today is on the end of a branch of a 4.5 billion year old unbroken tree of life. Not one generation of your particular line failed to reproduce for that entire time!

      Anyway cool, I was 34 just last week. I’m not sure about starting it now, haha. But it will for sure begin once I have a more stable environment along with a lot of other things! I have a lot of it recorded here anyways :). Thanks for the encouragement!

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