Harry’s Not A Baby And Margarita Chopped Up πŸ˜±

Harry’s not a baby, but a rhizome!! I dug up Snape, planning to repot the ‘baby’ Harry snake plant into a new pot, but discovered that Harry’s just one of many rhizomes of the main plant. So, I’m not a grandplantrent after all!!

…Or am I?

Margarita got a disease and had to be chopped up :(. No wonder she’d stopped growing in a while. I learned how to propagate the dieffenbachia plant and started three new plants from cuttings of Margarita:

They spent a couple of weeks in the ICU:


But the good news is Margarita is now out of intensive care, and one of her cuttings has since been repotted into its own pot and is thriving!:

Margarita lives on through her three daughters, making me a grandplantrent after all!


13 thoughts on “Harry’s Not A Baby And Margarita Chopped Up πŸ˜±

  1. Wow, those are beautiful! That takes a lot of skill. It’s probably devastating when they die. I recently had a beautiful snake plant I killed with miracle gro. I’m so mad at myself. I’m the type of person who “kills with kindness.” Your plants are so lucky to have a caretaker like you!

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    1. Thank you! Honestly, I’m constantly amazed with how healthy they look and how well I’m able to maintain such tropical-looking plants. The artificial lighting is key though, and I’m simply impressed with how much light they give for such a low power rating.

      Yeah it really was a great shame to lose Margarita, it was my biggest plant and the 2nd one I had. Having lots of plant seriously helps though. Just got to keep growing them so you can take losing a few :), and this plant in particular grows so well.

      Oh wowβ€” I totally get you with the miracle gro! I was using it, and was aware of the possibility of overloading them with salt, but you have no feel for how much that takes without experimentation. I have also since learned by experience where that level is :), and also the importance of thoroughly watering plants every now and then. Planterina on youtube gave me much of my useful knowledge! It’s tough to kill snake plants and they grow so slow, so that must be devastating 😭. I am only using worm castings now to feed the plants.

      Having lots of plants is also the solution to killing with kindness :). It takes around 20 plants at least!

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      1. Thanks for the tips and encouragement. I like your idea of having a lot of plants to lessen the blow. My problem is that I’ll have one plant I love and cherish and then I kill it and am devastated. I do have a tiny hairy cactus I got from a drugstore which I thought was dying but has been flowering! So I guess I did something right.

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      2. πŸ‘ I’m actually in the clear with this one, the little guy is supposed to flower. I’ve never heard flowering is a bad thing, though. For which types of plants is it a sign of stress?

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