I’ve Been To The Future

I’ve been to the future,
I know when England are next going to win the Euros,
And the World Cup;

At each stop I had to figure out how to use the technology of the day to check the results,
But stopping every 2 years helped greatly with that,
…At least until the bionic 60s,
Then the Great Reset helped with

Are you ready…?

England will next win the Euros in 2072,
Beating Switzerland in the final,

And…eleven years after being beaten by Scotland in the 2086 World CupΒΉ,
Will take the World Cup in 2097 (suspended for 7 years due to the Climate Wars),
Beating Greenland on penalties at the Blast Crater StadiumΒ²;

ΒΉ Scotland would achieve the feat of winning the World Cup before England next managed it.
Β² England would only win the World Cup again once half of the world’s nations had been wiped out.

Image by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay


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