Ding Dong

The infestation of housemates is being rooted out,
All with an eviction deadline of 4th October,

The stampiest housemate (replacement zombie) and partner are gone,
At last,
Carrying out chests in the middle of the night…

The second most stampy housemate (and the most arrogant and toxic),
Has also left two weekends before,
Just one remains (the one above me),
Only the creaking floorboards still to endure;

My room is no longer shaking every five minutes,
Replacement witch (I mean zombie!?) is dead (gone!?) no longer darting in and out,
In and out,
Oh and back in and out,
For god knows whatever reason,
Every. Single. Day,
Every. Hour. Of. Every. Day,
The camera doesn’t lie;

I may get a chance to write and to read again,
Just so long as the landlord and letting agent stop coming to and fro,
And at least from 4am until around midday,
Guaranteed to be so.
(There were no hours immune to replacement zombie’s stampedes).

Photo byΒ Chris KaridisΒ onΒ Unsplash


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