Impenetrable Defences

England will be allowed to play in their final group game against Czech Republic despite Scottish midfielder Barry Gilmour testing positive for Covid-19 shortly after the two sides’ nil–nil draw;

Following suggestions the England side should self-isolate, UEFA has referred to the UK government’s own guidance on social distancing:

COVID-19 spreads through close sustained contact with someone who has the virus (for instance being within 2 metres of someone for longer than 15 minutes).

concluding that there should be “absolutely no risk whatsoever to [England] players…nor, for that matter, Czech players”.



13 thoughts on “Impenetrable Defences

      1. Haha! I got that lol 😁

        It is a bit weird though – like they must be getting PCR / lateral flow tested every day surely – with expedited results.

        Plus, you’d think they are all in an isolated bubble for the duration of their time in the competition (like away from family / friends etc) and if so, who did he get it from.

        Equally, you’d think Billy Gilmour would pose more of a risk to the rest of Scotland team (who he’s surely spent more than 15 minutes in close contact with) than the one or two England team members that he was seen ‘hugging’ after the match.

        All very odd.

        Apart from anything else it’s a shame for the boy as he was having a cracking tournament so far…


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