Moderna Vaccinated!

I got Moderna vaccinated!

It hurt like hell, as with all instances of having a super sharp, fine piece of metal jabbed into you (so don’t believe anybody who says it doesn’tβ€” they must not have feelings).

That’s not to say I reacted or flinchedβ€” I just took in a deep breath. But it did hurt like a motherfucker. No side-effects yet other than the mandatory queasiness and light-headedness from the needle pain.

Was missing the mandatory lollipop I thought you still got after injections πŸ€”.


16 thoughts on “Moderna Vaccinated!

      1. Honestly, I didn’t even feel the second jab go in. I had to check with the nurse she’d done it properly! 😁

        I agree – a physical and/or biological reaction to a stimulus (a needle in this case) is certain – but how this is processed by the brain and, perhaps more importantly, how the result of that process is expressed will be different for everyone πŸ‘πŸ–€

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      2. “Honestly, I didn’t even feel the second jab go in. I had to check with the nurse she’d done it properly! ”

        Ah ! And therein lies the crucial difference. Well that’s something. My skin is extraordinarily sensitive to any kind of touch and the bar of ‘normal’ has just been lowered even further for me! I’m used to people exaggerating but people genuinely mean it when they say injections didn’t hurt! For me it’s the same as a bee sting, even if I know it’s coming and what it is. Probably worse in fact since if it was by surprise it would feel even more painful than a bee sting.

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