A Moon’s Perspective

The evicted moon had rendezvoused with a pair of co-orbiting gas giants,
An unlikely permutation in the cosmic dance;

Don’t you worry, they said,
Behind you lies chaos and entropy,

Ahead lies…well, yet more chaos,
But in amongst it lie regions of relative order,
Pockets of space, sanity;

A hyperbolic trajectory is no state for a planet or a moonβ€”
Those are the orbits of the comets;
A moon is at its most natural state in a curved spacetime,
And in our presence you may once more gain a taste of that;

We hear you, they said,
And though a closed orbit may seem at first constricting,
It is the moons, rotating on their multiple axes simultaneously…
Which obtain the fullest and grandest perspectives of the universe

And the little moon’s heart was warmed just a little bit.


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