Life’s Colours

Turning at last towards the Sun,
Volcanoes wept,
Mountain chains stood,

Terminator swept across frozen oceans,
Glaciers retreated,
Rivers dared to run once more;

Stuck in the darkness,
Angular momentum stolen,
The long night of a slowly-spinning world must come to an end;

Life endured as steppes became plains,
Oceans chocka’,
Birds enjoyed the rains.


26 thoughts on “Life’s Colours

    1. Haha. Well…actually I reached it in February last year, but it only lasted a couple of months until everything became too stressful (which was also when I began talking to youβ€” obviously coincidental!).

      Until that point my writing was progressing quickly in terms of visual metaphors. I’ve only managed space-based metaphors so far, but I wrote a bunch of poems like this in that period :). It’s yet another thing which will come quickly with the better environment.

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