A Hell Of A Lot Of Progress!

A hell of a lot of progress was made today!!

“I just watched back the video which I recorded with my room camera of the letting agent with Simon doing the ‘property valuation’, but they didn’t do any valuation at all. The letting agent was only concerned with pointing out things that I was doing wrong (electricity use and some dampness). Simon’s opinion which he told me on the phone afterwards was that the dampness was very minor, and actually it’s something I was working on fixing and would have been done by now if not for the disruption in the last few weeks.

I am angry that the letting agent explicitly said twice by email that they wanted to enter my room on the premise of doing a ‘property valuation’. I was suspecting that they just wanted a reason to enter my room to complain about other things, and now I have proof that they lied to gain access to my room. I would not have given them permission to enter otherwise.

Just before I left the house before the property valuation, one of my housemates told me that they and another housemate had been having issues with the letting agent/landlord too. The housemate above me has already had to change his lock because of the letting agent/landlord entering without permission, and he’s also set up a security camera outside his window because of this. The housemate who told me this is also planning to change her lock.


Sir Robin ‘the bobin’ Smith,
President and CEO of the International Human Tenant Rights and Advocacy Charity Group Commission Organisation.”


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