From the Salvation Army support and outreach team,
Eventually called me as I decided to put the headphones on,
Play some music,
And start getting ready to go out to the supermarket;

Of course!

I noticed the ringing screen on my phone and ripped the headphones off and the ear plug out,
Had a helpful conversation with him;

Simon had let the letting agent know that they should go through him from now on,
AND wait for him to be physically present,
Before making any visits to my room;

“They shouldn’t be all that regular”, he commented,
He’s exactly right and they won’t be able to get away with it anymore!
We agreed to let them do their ‘property valuation’ on Thursday at 1pm;

I called him back, let him know,
That there’s no way I could be around those two again!
Way too stressful,
Way too traumatising;

He will call back again to confirm that he can do it without me present,
Which will be an interesting testβ€”
The letting agent and landlord were explicit about wanting to enter my room to do a valuation,
And not to hassle or abuse and accuse me of random things;

If they were planning to do that,
It’ll lose the attraction to those sociopaths 😲.


15 thoughts on “Re-Re-Restarting

      1. I’m BECOMING the lawyer 🀣. I already listened to the first 3 episodes of a BBC law podcast whilst going to the supermarket 😲. Actually it was incredibly eye-opening, sobering and shocking. Horrible.

        The treatment of prisoners during COVID, for example, or even just people in custody awaiting trial with a slower legal process. There’s an awful lot of people enduring an awful lot.

      2. hahaha! what an ugly translator I have! πŸ˜‚
        we are in a time of suppression of fundamental and universal rights in the name of a health good … my body is mine, but the WHO manages it. πŸ˜‰

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