Attempted Break-In

I immediately uploaded these videos and emailed them to the council, asking for the Samaritans to call or come round. Council assured me Samaritans would call ASAP, although I’ve had no call yet.

I then phoned 101 to report the incident to police and to try to ask for officers to come round because right now I don’t feel safe to leave my room at all. The person I spoke to was completely dismissive of everything I described, and kept asking if the letting agent had given notice. I was trying to explain that I recorded them trying to break my door down on video, and they weren’t taking me seriously at all and actually becoming verbally aggressive towards me, and patronising me. I ended up totally melting down and screaming at the phone and hanging up.

The police were supposed to phone the landlord last Friday about the assault incident, but I’ve had no update on that yet. I’ve also received no response to the police complaint I made last week in response to the 999 call.

I’m really running out of options here. I’ll wait for the council/Samaritans to come back to me, then try Citizen’s Advice Bureau later. I’m trying to fight the feeling of fear that I won’t be taken seriously whatever I try.


10 thoughts on “Attempted Break-In

  1. if you can, don’t scream anymore: the problem becomes you and the solution is to silence you. look for an association that specializes in tenant rights and one in people’s rights (2 is better than one). when you report to the police you declare that you have the legal support of the association: if they do not see you alone, you are always a pain in the ass (sorry πŸ˜›, but for them you are the trouble before the lunch break), but their actions towards you become immediately interesting for a larger public and investigated from a legal point of view. Contacting a reporter who has already covered similar cases is also an idea to consider. I don’t know your geographic and institutional reality, but hearing an association can help. a hug πŸ’ͺ😊


    1. Thank you!! You are right, and actually this is what the Salvation Army tenancy support service is for. It’s just a bit slow getting up and running with them because they have a lot of clients, and in the meantime more incidents happen. There is also this charity nearby called Launchpad which tackle issues like this, if the council is unable to resolve them.

      Also about the screamingβ€” you are also right there, and my parents have followed that ‘solution’ of silencing me in response, too, all my life. Once I have screamed, nobody else is ever at fault usually or that becomes the whole problemβ€” not the underlying cause and the pain. It happens when events and words becomes so surreal and twisted that reality breaks down and I just cannot believe what I’m experiencing, and the emotional pain that it’s causing. It happens when I am isolated. This is also what I’m avoiding by avoiding interactions now with the letting agent and landlord. And I feel afraid to phone the police again without the help of the Salvation Army team. So yes, I should be able to avoid it now :).

      I was actually also thinking briefly about the reporter idea. And in a way some part of me hopes that by blogging about it, perhaps one may come across it (although unlikely). But, at least it is out in the open and I can easily point somebody to it :).

      I think I need to reset myself and get on top of the emotions so that I can continue following these things up, and make another police complaint for example.

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      1. I know that screaming makes sense and that it is a way to release emotions that are difficult to manage, it is also a great system, compared to destructive ways, for example, but the police have a standardized operation. Charities have a flaw (especially if of religious origin), they tend to conciliation and reconciliation even when rights should be defended with a legal fight (but the lawyer has to be paid!). better for them to ask the landlord to turn a blind eye and pat you on the back. But my reality (Italy) is probably different. We have associations in defense of the rights of tenants … Robert … you build the association! πŸ˜€ You use it to defend yourself and then give advice to others! You are looking for a young lawyer who must make himself known and who is an idealist! See what funding is foreseen. Gather sensitive people around your tenancy issue and (hold on tight) introduce yourself as * President of the Tenant Rights Association *. So make a press release saying you’re looking for help, helpful people, and a free place to operate! 😌

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