Some Progress

Typed up
full incident log,
Printed out
two copies,
Samaritans chatted to me in my room,

Fuck yes, they were really nice,
Marked down
‘Condition of tenant’s room’
“Like being in a spa”
they said,
“Keep it like this”
they said,
bathed in lavender;
“Are these plants real?”,
“Yes of course they fucking are πŸ˜‚”;

Next day
police called,
Went through
the landlord ‘assault’ incident in detail,

They dismissed all the other incidents,
If you’re a letting agent invasion is no longer a crime (sociopaths take note!),

But, at least,
they will phone the letting agent,
ask what was going on,
Then get the landlord’s details,
and tell him to fuck off;

Traditional bullies
are easily scared (and recorded on camera πŸ˜›),
I’m feeling much more supported
and hopeful again!

Incident Log, Stardate 43153.7…


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