The Drama Continues…

“Hi Robin,

Please be informed about the property valuation tomorrow around 11:30am.

Kindly be informed that we will need access to your bedroom.”

Wow, the cheek. This is so clearly another devious attempt to find new excuses to come into my room. What is their obsession with invading my room!?

I have now formally reported the previous 4 incidents of harassment to the police (I had made the police complaint about the police before the actual complaint about the letting agent/landlord!). The police were particularly interested in the incident where the landlord physically pushed past me into the room and got in my face aggressively whilst gesticulating, because this could be ‘common assault’. They’ve scheduled a phone call with me for Friday morning to go through it in more detail :).

Tomorrow morning I will be speaking to the council to stop the letting agent coming round tomorrow. The whole idea of having to confront another situation like last Thursday again filled me with anxiety and dread. I actually have to go and help out a friend just before then, so this time I won’t even be around to stop them from coming in. I haven’t even had a chance to get the lock replaced yet.


Over the weekend I bought an indoor security camera! It records 2K video, very good sound quality, swivels 360Β° and tilts up and down. I can control it remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, and I can set it to activate upon detecting movement OR sound above certain thresholds. It can even distinguish between humans, pets, ‘any other movement’ or babies crying! It can track you as you move around the room. It saves video to an onboard microSD card and uploads it to secure cloud storage using military encryption. It wasn’t even expensiveβ€” modern technology is amazing. So over the last few days, whenever leaving the house, I’ve been putting the camera into ‘absent’ mode (in French as usual!) which means it’ll start recording if anyone enters the room. I get to test it whenever I get back and it’s been working flawlessly!

So despite the latest new stressful situation, I’m hopeful of getting this resolved tomorrow morning and, if notβ€” well there’s going to be some juicy video evidence tomorrow evening :).


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