I’m a grandplantrent! I’ve been hoping my snake plant Snape would eventually sprout a new baby plant. A previous false dawn occurred back in February/March when a sycamore tree seedling randomly appeared!! 😐. My first attempts to identify it through the PlantNet app came back as (believe it or not) a marijuana plant! Once realising it was a sycamore seedling (πŸ˜‰) I attempted to grow it in a larger pot but it eventually started wilting. I think I damaged the roots in moving it because I wasn’t expecting them to be so long.

…But soon after that, another stem sprouted! This was the holy grail I had been waiting forβ€” whilst googling about the previous sprouting, I’d learnt that snake plants can occasionally sprout a whole new baby plant amongst its leaves. Which can be repotted once some inches high. This was taken on 6th April:

…And today, around 1 month since sprouting:

The baby snake plant is hereby and henceforth known as Harry, son of Snape. Making me a first-time grandplantrent!!


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