Not A Leg To Stand On

Not a leg to stand on,
Not a leg to stand on,

I found a direct council phone numberβ€”
Super helpful, nice relaxed lady,
Suitably astonished at the letting agent’s antics;

They will remind the letting agent of the reasons they may request to do an inspection,
And said it would be ok if I started paying Β£50 for the bills (Β£41 plus a bit to start covering the arrears cost);

Whilst I stand by the lack of legal requirement for me to do that given it wasn’t documented anywhere,
It keeps the council on my side,
And I’ll just accept they made an admin mess-up;
I dearly need them on my side vs. the letting and landlord, which is the main issue;

Anyway, they have not a leg to stand onβ€”
I’ve been monitoring my electricity usage with a few plug-in electricity monitors,
And programmed a few useful algorithms to quickly translate from instantaneous wattage usage to daily/monthly costs etc.,
And vice versa to calculate average instantaneous wattage given a monthly cost;

My usage is easily within the stated budget,
And this is considering that I do all of my cooking and washing within my room,
Not using any of the hot water or central heating,
Using minimal water,
And I don’t use the gas hobs or electric cooker;

The only time they brought up electricity usage was within a few weeks after an electric heater appeared in the living area, switched on 24/7 😏;

So, given that I’m on-side with the council and the letting agent made any conversation completely impossible,
My approach is simply to ignore them, and phone the police if they try to enter my room again,
(And I’m getting my room lock changed next week);

I’m starting to get back to normal again after this week of madness 😐.

My longtime friend from university has been really helpful discussing it with me,
And we spoke on the phone for the first time in around two years (I had to break off contact because it became a draining/unhealthy relationship during my worst struggles),
So that was good, too, and I’m thankful for that :).

Until he sent me pics of man-bun ideas, and I told him to fuck right off with that.


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      1. endorsum is a name I made up. starting from the meaning of endorsement, I gave a Latin suggestion to hypothesize new meanings (an invented word needs many imaginative meanings πŸ˜€)


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