Argos Mate

Thank god for Argos,
Great British institution,
Who did not raise their price for weights during the pandemic,
Whilst others, sticking strictly to the capitalistic line,
Capitalised by hundreds of percents’ worth through the increased pandemic-times demand;

Of course, Argos were out of stock the whole time,
But now they are not!! 😲
And they have my service πŸ‘.

Now I can become The Thing,
And nobody can stop me mwahahaha!

Twatpods not included


5 thoughts on “Argos Mate

    1. Thanks! Well…ahem, something DID stop me 😏. It turns out that the first set of weights which I bought last year (with much difficulty) were made with an unusual hole size/dumbbell diameter, whilst the new weights I bought are of the standard size. It’s an attempt by a few companies to trap you into buying their weights only!! So I’ve got to accept the sunk cost and now buy another set from this new brand (which is compatible with most other ones), though thankfully it will be much cheaper than the first :).

      Oh…I guess that means I could sell the first set on ebay at these extortionate pandemic ratesβ€¦πŸ˜….

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