Early Enceladus

Early Enceladus,
Eagerly evolved,
Eruptions essayed, ether enlaced,
Eons eroded ere evenings eclipsed;

Evocative eye, ecliptic earring,
Evincing exomoons, echoing Europa;


Encrusted, entombed,
Embryonic ecology,
Ecological exotica eeking economic existence!

Episodic expulsions, ebbing ejecta,
Evicted extremophiles embarking extended exodus;


Egalitarian emissaries elliptically encaptured,
Earlier eras encoded, exposedβ€”
Entire epilogues expressly expounded…

Exultant epiphany!
Evolution evidenced,
Enceladites, everywhere,
Enduring…even Earth.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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