WordPress Comments Table??

Does that admin page in WordPress still exist where you can view a big table of all of your comments, and where you can search through them and other useful stuff?

It was called ‘Tableau de bord’ in my French interface πŸ˜…, I dunno what it would’ve been in English. It was Settings or Tools -> then this page.

Thanks if anyone knows! Maybe they restricted it to paid users.

17 thoughts on “WordPress Comments Table??

    1. Great!! Since I knew what I was searching for, I found this help page:

      What they’ve done is combined those ‘advanced’ features with the normal ones, and put a toggle switch in the Profile β€”> Account Settings page to enable/disable them. So once I’d enabled it, the usual standard ‘Comments’ section became the advanced one that I used to see in Dashboard.


      1. Oh, yeah I agree. It would have to be more professional too, that was what I was imagining :).

        But then at the same time, maybe professional means appealing to business as well as personal users, and appealing to business means needing flexibility and bloated set of features all over again. And in order to offer a free personal service, it’s necessary to offset that with paid business services. So to be honest, a free service like wordpress is probably always going to have its faults from the fact that it’s free.


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