Maybe I Could Write Something

I’m dying without writing,
OCD is as bad as it’s been,
My days have lost their beginnings of meaning,
I can’t even remember what I was saying;
(Struggling to begin anything);

But maybe if I start small,
And slowly build it up,
I’m sure that I can adapt again,
And manage to write something.


12 thoughts on “Maybe I Could Write Something

    1. …I read this after I came on to post another thing πŸ˜†.

      Thank you Charmer :). One secret is to wait until the poems/stories write themselves in my mind before sitting down, that way minimising the amount of time I spend overheating on my bed πŸ˜†. Also by waiting until I can no longer restrain myself, it helps to relax more through the overheating. This was how I wrote originally as I started off with only my laptop sitting on a bed at my aunt’s house. It has the effect of making the room feel about 5C warmer. It’s a small thing I know, it just stokes any existing feelings of anxiety/restlessness and therefore OCD, even anger, if my mind isn’t otherwise intensely occupied. 😏

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      1. It’s the creative ones, especially the tautograms, which take the most thought/pinicky adjustments, and which suffer the most from not feeling able to relax. If I write creatively there’s a certain standard I have in mind…still, I’ve been starting to form a creative one in my mind lately :). Maybe I’ll just keep them shorter for now.

        Thank you for your comments!! πŸ’™

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